Sauer Danfoss Motors


Orbital Motors

Our orbital motor range is the broadest on the market – and your safest bet for quality, durability, efficiency and reliability. We offer thousands of motor configurations for you to choose from, plus the application support to help you choose the right one.
Our orbital motors have set the market standard since the beginning. Known for their solid reliability, extreme durability and high efficiency under any condition, they deliver an optimum performance – always. Many customized adaptations complement our range, including ultra-short motors, integrated brakes, wheel motors and speed sensors. Tell us your requirements, and we will give you the motor to match.
SD Product Motor Type Displacement cm³/rev [in³/rev] Max Cont. Torque
N•M [lbf•in]
Max Cont. Speed min-¹ (rpm)
Mini Motors Spool Valve Up to 50.3 [Up to 3.08] Up to 46 [Up to 410] Up to 2,000
Medium-sized Motors Spool Valve Up to 470.6 [Up to 28.80] Up to 840 [Up to 7,440] Up to 1,600
Medium-sized Motors Disc Valve Up to 310.1 [Up to 18.98] Up to 700 [Up to 6,195] Up to 600
Large Motors Disc Valve Up to 801.8 [Up to 48.91 ] Up to 2,590 [Up to 22,880] Up to 810

Features & Benefits

  • High bearing load capability and robust cardan shaft design for a longer motor life.
  • Valuing system and precise machining for high efficiency and, as a result, low fuel consumption.
  • Numerous adaptations for flexible design of compact systems.

Application Opportunities

    Suitable for closed and open loop hydraulic circuits for work and propel systems, our orbital motors are ideal for agricultural, road building, construction, forestry, public utility and lawn and garden equipment.